Commentaries on the chapters
with bonus illustrations

[Under construction: content coming in August]

Chapter I: Webs of Wyrd

The Tree: later medieval Yggdrasil

Chapter II: Wyccecræft

Norwegian spindle whorl

Chapter III: Names of the Witch

Mugwort: color graphic

Lacnunga birth charm

Chanting over herbs and thongs: early Inquisition

Chapter IV: Völur

Volkhv confronts Oleg, by Victor Vasnetsov

Chapter V: Runes

Crystal ball

Chapter VI: Cailleach, Dísir and Hags

Loughcrew vulva petroglyphs

Scandinavian wolf-mother and sheelas

Chapter VII: The Witch Holda and her Retinue

Tumbling Herodias

More Terra pictures

Chapter VIII: Early Burnings

Cotton MS

Chapter IX: Völuspá