Praise for Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion

"A monumental moment in women's history, as well as Pagan history, is upon us, with the release of Max Dashu's new book Witches and Pagans. Over 40 years worth of research and effort created this book, and its companion volumes to follow. It's a landmark work, easily the most important new Pagan title of the year, if not the decade." —Yeshe Matthews

"Max Dashú writes with lucidity and a compelling awareness of the silencing of women in male-centered cultures—especially women’s silencing in patriarchal religion. Max has spent decades excavating the exceptionally rich materials—linguistic, archaeological, mythological—found in this book, and uncovering clues to the spiritual spheres of pre-patriarchal women. A true tour de force!" —Miriam Robbins Dexter, author of Whence the Goddesses: a Source Book; Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia

“Reading this book is like opening a box filled with jewels left to you by ancestors you never knew you had. The sheer number of facts and suggestions of facts is overwhelming. … Women preserved ancient mysteries that celebrated female powers of creativity as they went about the tasks of their daily lives. It was not so easy to stamp these practices out, because women understood their songs and rituals to be essential for the continued flourishing of life. Thank you, Max for your brilliant work. May it change the way we see the world!” —Carol Christ, author of Goddess and God in the World: Conversations in Embodied Theology; Rebirth of the Goddess; and She Who Changes.

"Max Dashú’s life long passion for re-search has produced this astounding volume, finding female forms buried in religious and academic traditions of masculine convention. The eradication of women and witches by the construction of gender through christianization, moderization and conquest continues in today’s academic world views . . . so much has been erased, covered over, re-named, rendered invisible, beyond imagination. This volume is a necessary and timely journey of reclamation as Max Dashú traces shifts in meanings while bringing us folk tales, priestcraft distortions, scholarly problems and this grounding story of female traditions." —Sarah Lucia Hoagland, author of Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value

"It is such a great book ... so resonantly rich. So pertinent and useful.. it’s a book you want libraries to have… vitally essential. We need this counsel, knowledge, discernment... which is the antidote to colonialism. I am wildly and deeply enthused about the work of Max Dashu... 40 years to write this book... and it’s rich, rich, rich.” —Caroline Casey, Coyote Network News

"I just finished reading your wonderful Witches and Pagans. Your scholarship and the breadth of your knowledge is absolutely prodigious and you convey your findings in such a detailed fashion that it’s inspiring. I can’t wait to read subsequent volumes." --Cristina Biaggi, author of Habitations of the Great Goddess and editor of The Rule of Mars: Readings on the Origins, History, and Impact of Patriarchy

"The book is amazing; I am so impressed with the amount of scholarship you have sloughed through, and how hard it must have been to put all this together. All kudos to you, Max for the gifts of research and knowledge and vision." Gloria Orenstein, Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, University of Southern California

"I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for your work. Witches and Pagans is a treasure-trove of of suppressed and lost information, lost no more thanks to you! — Mary Mackey, author of The Year the Horses Came and the Earthsong Trilogy

"Wonderful work of dearest friend Max Dashu... Imagine, if Europe can start to DECOLONIZE, mainly from the realm of women's existance, how much easier the challenges of the rest of the world - colonized by westerners - would be!?... Buy and support her work!!" —Cristina Herencia, scholar of Peruvian women's history

"Max has amassed an enormous amount of information over many decades and greatly contributes to the ever expanding collective consciousness of womankind. She, like other luminary scholars of women's herstory such as Marija Gimbutas and Merlin Stone, opens the door wider by recovering lost and misconstrued stories and language put forth by scholarly men. She is adept at bringing back our words and voices long left out of these conversation about women and their roles and contributions to civilization." --Kim Rivers, in Rain and Thunder journal, No. 66, Fall 2016

"Your work has been an incredibly encouraging resource in learning of the female story. For exploring the stories rarely told in our history lessons, that are so so important for our collective consciousness. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do." —Hannah Dyson, on

"I’ve taken a couple of Max’s online classes and have just begun Witches and Pagans. Her research and this first of her books is stuffed with facts and images that make clear that the paganism that predated Christianity in Europe was earth-centered and woman-centered (or at least that women’s participation was essential to the earlier religion). It’s fascinating". —Nancy Vedder-Shults

"This is a huge deal! Max has gathered into a book the long awaited information on our almost unknown Wise Woman heritage." —Ruth Barrett

“The book is amazing. I love to read from it before going to bed, i find your writing very clear and grounding, very earthy... What a gigantic work you are doing. You're more than inspiration, you're a living proof of what one life can accomplish, and that is such an important reminder on the path. Thank you for your great work.” —Giulia Essyad

"Max was absolutely fantastic at The Goddess Temple last week... A packed crowd of enthusiastic fans to hear her brilliance ... Purchase her book... An incredible sourcebook of fascinating and little known information! Thank you Max for your decades of gifts to humanity!" --Ava Park, Goddess Temple of Orange Country, Irvine CA

"I've been looking forward to the release of Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion by Max Dashu; this promises to be an important addition to the field, as it reweaves women's roles back into history". —Jhenah Telyndru August 2, 2016

"It's such a beautiful book, a work of art, so well done. An immense contribution." —Gilby Farnsworth

"Such a beautiful and academic read. Margin note taking and really absorbing the ethnohistorical references. Max Dashu, brava! Cannot wait for the next volume!!!" —Mercedes Draffin

"Enjoying this book SO much! Haven't enjoyed a book this much since Carlo Ginzburg’s Ecstasies." —Jonathan Hamm

"I got the book last week and have been enjoying it immensely!. So rich with information, images, ideas. The preface alone was very thought provoking. I can see I'll be reading it all winter. And then some." —Oak Lo Galbo

“It is hard to find deep works that include both the historical sources and the roots of our magics and ways. Your work is the closest I can find.” —Linda Slack

  "Your work feels primal in both the content being so ancient and also the drive inside you seems very primal. The excavating of meaning....down to the real source, almost the energetic meaning of how the words and images teach us to think about culturally what life for women was like. Women like us. I think what uncovering the source, naming it, showing the threads and the forces on those threads that really act as oppression on societies...this work is truly valuable to me in our movement even though I can't really retain all your vast information in your words, I am thrilled to celebrate your amazing contribution to our fight to teach truth and why it's important in my life today." —Laurie Silverman

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